Bellabaci Body Cup Set

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You'll have wondered what was the science at the back of having 1 x Soft Cup and 1x Hard Cup in your set. It's all part of the bigger picture

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You’ll have wondered what was the science at the back of having 1 x Soft Cup and 1x Hard Cup in your set. It’s all part of the bigger picture to achieve the fastest results imaginable! The Bellabaci Team have done the entire research to be sure that your cupping therapy will achieve your goals easily and with the highest imaginable comfort-level. It’s just human nature that we need to grab the Hard Cup first and jump into the deep water, but the best advice here is EASY DOES IT to avoid any bruising or uncomfortableness! The accumulation of toxins needs to be addressed from the very most superficial layers first, before going for gold. Also, the rebuilding of collagen and elastin to restore your skin texture and tone happens at the top too, so don’t underestimate the benefits of your Soft Cup. After understanding the logic at the back of Soft VS Hard, you are going to be amazed at all you’ll be able to achieve by the use of your Bellabaci Cups in the correct fashion. The Soft Cup • Very pliable and a lesser suction • Works on superficial to medium depth layers of tissue for toxin removal • Stimulates lymphatic movement • Ideal cup to use for beginners • Great on areas that can be painful to massage such as inside of thigh, abdominal area, upper arms and neck • Starts the process of re-elasticizing and building collagen • Prepares tissue for the Hard Cup to decrease chances of bruising The Hard Cup • Less pliable and deeper suction • Great for deep tissue work • Better grip • Addresses toxin removal in the deeper layers of muscles • Excellent for many who enjoy a Sports Massage • Works on medium to deep layers for toxin removal • Great for Placement Cupping as it works up to 4 inches deep BELLABACI has a lifetime replacement warranty
Improves skin tone and texture
Improves and softens scar tissue
Easy at home cellulite removal solution
Detoxify the body
Based on the ancient Chinese cupping healing techniques

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