Best Derma Roller 192 Needles Master Micro Needle System Skin Anti-Ageing Acne Stretch Marks Cellulite Skin Reduce Hair loss

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How to select the part?

1. 0.2/0.25/0.3 mm: Daily Skincare, Sensitive and reddish skincare, Strengthen Eye wrinkles, black eye, eye bags, relieve patches of pigmentation.

2. 0.3/0.5/0.75 mm: Facial nursing operation, Scientifically Firming Skin & Skin Elasticity & Brightening, Acne Scar, fine lines, black head, large pores.

3. 1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0 mm: Deep winkles, Stretch marks, Cellulite, Scar marks and so on

Rolling Instructions:

1. Wash your hands and the area to be treated thoroughly.

2. Wipe the skin and your hands with anti-bacterial gel (you’ll skip this step if you are the use of needle lengths of less than 0.5mm).

3. If you are the use of numbing cream, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use. At all times remove the cream completely before rolling (you’ll use cotton pads soaked with alcohol to do this).

4. Make sure the roller has been sterilized in an alcohol bath for 3 minutes.

5. Apply skin care product, if the use of.

6. Even as pulling the skin taut with your free hand, roll forwards and backwards over the area to be treated. Roll 8-10 times in each direction: vertically, horizontally and diagonally (forwards and back equals two rolls). Apply sufficient pressure for the needles to penetrate the skin to their full length. Lift the roller reasonably after each roll – this will ensure that the needles create new micro-channels in the skin moderately than going over the same ones repeatedly.

7.No blood should be visible if light pressure is used, even though you may see some temporary reddening

8. Wash treated area and dry with a clean towel or air-dry.

8.Moisturizers containing Vitamin C and E are best
Scar removal including acne scars, Stretch Mark removal
Wrinkle removal/reduction
Anti ageing/Anti wrinkle
Smoothen acne scars Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark circle.
Hair loss remedy/ hair restoration

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